Natural aroma ingredients
Green tea aroma extract(tincture)
Product Name: Green tea aroma extract(tincture)
Specification: 5:1/10:1 concentrated product
CAS No.:
Package: 25kg/durm, food grade plastic drums and can be customerized.

Products Description:

Selection of high-quality green tea raw materials, using supercritical co2 extraction process, extract natural aroma components of green tea. Both retain the aroma components of green tea weather, more effectively retain the taste of green tea products, perfect reproduction of the overall feeling of green tea products. Natural green, to meet the modern people's demand for natural green products.
Specifications: 5:1 / 10:1 Concentrated product
1, food and beverage: added as a natural ingredient, can improve or enhance the flavor of the product.
2, flavors and spices: flavoring ingredients, can enrich the aroma of products.
3, daily chemical: adjust the aroma of the product.

Packaging Detail      25kg/durm, food grade plastic drums and can be customerized.
Storage                       Store in a seal container away from moisture.
Shelf Life                    2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

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