Nutrition oil
Oat oil
Product Name: Oat oil
Appearance: yellow oily liquid
CAS No.:
Package: 25kg/durm, food grade plastic drums and can be customerized.

Products Description:

Oat oil is extracted from oat. The lipid composition and hydration property of oat oil emulsify a large amount of water in oil, so it can be used as an effective carrier of epidermis hydrating and moisturizing agent. Most of the natural antioxidants in oat are found in oat essential oil, which contains phenol and hydroxyphenol compounds as well as isomers of vitamin e.
1.Excellent anti-allergic, anti-irritating effect, very strong removal of skin surface reddish function.
2.Rich in vitamins e and sterols; an alternative chemical synthesis of antioxidants.
3.Good skin lubrication and penetration, long-term moisturizing.
4.Mild, safe, non-side effects, protects skin cells.

1.  Anti-allergic, anti-irritating skin care products; oil, water emulsion products anti-oxidation good carrier; long-acting moisturizing product formulation guidance recommended dosage: 2% use items: add directly in the oil phase storage temperature 25 ℃; The test at 40 ℃ and 80 ℃ showed that oat oil had no irritation to the skin and eyes.
2.  Frequent consumption of oat oil can prevent heart disease, cancer, blood pressure lowering, prevention of arteriosclerosis, etc.

Packaging Detail      25kg/durm, food grade plastic barrel and can be customerized.
Storage                       Store in a seal container away from moisture.
Shelf Life                    2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

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