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Ginger extract
Product Name: Ginger extract
Specification: Gingerol 2%-25%
Appearance: light yellow powder
CAS No.: 84696-15-1
Package: 25kg/durm, paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside and can be customerized.

Products Description:

Latin name:   Zingiber officinale (Willd.) Rosc.
CAS No.:      Ginger extract 84696-15-1
Specification: Ginger extract powder Gingerol 2%-25%
Appearance:  light yellow powder
Process:  It’s extracted from the root of ginger by water  extraction.

Effect: 1. It’s widely added into food as natural flavour enhancer.
      2. It is applies to sea sickness, chemotherapy-related nausea, nausea after surgery and morning sickness.
      3. reduces exercise-induced muscle soreness and symptoms of osteoarthritis.
      4. dispel wet and cure headache,
      5. Anti-hair loss , stimulate hair growth
①food additives  (cola beverages, beer, soy sauce, vinegar, cooked meat products, convenience foods, puffed food, baked food, etc.
②pharmaceutical(strapping for sea sickness, chemotherapy-related nausea ) health care food, (Migraine, rheumatism, and arthritis.)
③cosmetics and daily chemical (toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo and Shower Gel)
Recommended usage :
1.        For food additives : cooked meat products 0.01-0.03%;flavoring 0.02-0.05%;Puffed food,           instant food and baked food 0.005-0.01%;beverage 0.001-0.005%
2.        For cosmetics, daily chemical and health use, add as needed

Packaging Detail 25kg/durm, paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside and can be customerized.
Storage Store in a seal container away from moisture.
Shelf Life 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

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