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Essential Oil for Food and Drinks

We offer applications expertise to transform these food safe essential oils into Food and beverages that surprise and delight consumers. The health food and drink creation process is a delicate fusion of art and science that combines flavour know-how, consumer insight, technical expertise and strategic nous. These creations are customisable to cater to our customers' needs.

Edible Essential Oils For Baking and Cooking

  • Baking Essential Oils

  • Linseed Oil For Cooking

Fresh, refrigerated and unprocessed linseed oil, used as a nutritional tonic, is a traditional European ethnic food, and is highly praised for its nutty flavor.

  • Walnut Oil For Cooking

Fresh and pure, rich in nutrition, light in taste, easy to be digested and absorbed, it is a senior health care edible oil for children's development period, female pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Natural Oil for Food and Drinks

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Other Botanical Extract Applications

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