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Application of Supercritical Extraction Technology in Coffee and Tea (Provided by Client)

Mar 30-2023

Removing caffeine from coffeeCoffee contains water-soluble substances that are nutritious and fragrant, which are only produced after roasting; coffee also contains caffeine, which exists even without...
30 Mar
Basic Knowledge of Pure Plant Essential Oil

Mar 23-2023

The characteristics of pure plant essential oilAlthough called "oil", plant essential oil generally does not leave "oil stains" on items. Although they are liquids, they can genera...
23 Mar
Six Beauty Uses of Pure Plant Essential Oil

Mar 16-2023

When you use skincare products and find that the effects are not as fast or prominent as you expected, you can try pure plant essential oil. Different types of essential oils have different effects, a...
16 Mar
What Are the Functions of Natural Plant Essential Oil?

Mar 09-2023

What is pure natural essential oil made up of?Essential oil is composed of small molecules that easily dissolve in alcohol/emulsifiers, especially fats, making them easily penetrate the skin and enter...
09 Mar
Clever Uses of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Mar 02-2023

We recommend the use of essential oil as a complementary method for relief, but it does not mean that they can be used for treatment, much less as a prescription from a doctor.Cinnamon is a spice comm...
02 Mar
The Classic Guide to Using Ginger Root Essential Oil

Feb 23-2023

Ginger root essential oil foot bath drives away the cold and relieves fatigueThe saying goes, "Cold starts from the feet." In the cold winter, adding ginger essential oil to warm water for a...
23 Feb
Source Development of Ginger Essential Oil

Feb 16-2023

From a chef's favorite to treating a variety of ailments, the benefits of ginger oil are plentiful. When we say "ginger essential oil," you might be wondering if it's also available ...
16 Feb
Health Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Feb 09-2023

1. Ginger essential oil is effective in treating arthritisGinger has traditionally been used to treat conditions related to inflammation. It is an effective remedy for joint pain and rheumatoid arthri...
09 Feb
The Correct Way to Use Skin Care Essential Oil

Jan 13-2023

Essential oils have become essential skin care products in many people's daily lives. Many readers are asking how to use essential oils for skin care? Today we will tell you the correct usage.Ⅰ. ...
13 Jan
What Are Essential Oils?

Nov 17-2022

Ⅰ. What is essential oil?Plants in nature absorb the energy of the sun and the aura of the earth to grow, and their life energy exists in the intercellular spaces of plants, playing the role of life ...
17 Nov
Contraindications to the Use of Essential Oils

Nov 10-2022

Misunderstandings when using essential oils for skin care:1. Essential oils are just beauty care productsMany consumers think that essential oils are just a natural skin or body care product, and they...
10 Nov
5 Amazing Ways to Use Skin Care Essential Oils

Sep 15-2022

Nowadays, skin care essential oils have become a popular choice for skin care and care. More and more girls are beginning to pay attention to the use and efficacy of skin care essential oils, and the ...
15 Sep
Chemical Composition of Essential Oils and Storage Tips for Base Oils

Sep 08-2022

Ⅰ. The chemical composition of essential oilsEssential oils are mixtures of various types of compounds, including aliphatic compounds, aromatic compounds, but more terpenoid derivatives.1. Aliphatic ...
08 Sep
The Efficacy and Role of Reishi Powder

Aug 10-2022

1. The anti-tumor of reishi powderGanoderma lucidum polysaccharide contained in Ganoderma lucidum has anti-tumor effect and is a good auxiliary drug for clinical treatment of tumors. Ganoderma lucidum...
10 Aug
Precautions for Consuming Reishi Mushroom Extract

Jul 20-2022

1. What is reishi mushroom extract?Most people are familiar with Reishi. Reishi is a very valuable medicinal material, which is often used to nourish the body and play a role in health care. Reishi ha...
20 Jul
Classification and Application of Plant Extracts

Jul 06-2022

Plant extracts refer to substances extracted or processed from plants (all or a part of plants) using appropriate solvents or methods, and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, da...
06 Jul
The Development History and Application Scenarios of Plant Extracts

Jun 21-2022

Plant extracts refer to products formed by using plants as raw materials, through the process of extraction and separation, according to the needs of the final product use, to obtain or concentrate on...
21 Jun
Ginger Root Extract Benefits for Skin

Jun 07-2022

Ginger root has a long history of medicinal use. Early American colonists brewed ginger beer to relieve nausea and vomiting. Ginger root, known botanically as a rhizome, comes in many forms such as te...
07 Jun
The Efficacy and Role of Ganoderma Spore Oil

May 16-2022

The main ingredient of Ganoderma spore oil capsules is Ganoderma spore oil. So, what are the effects and functions of Ganoderma spore oil? The following is a detailed introduction to the efficacy and ...
16 May
The Efficacy and Role of Angelica Essential Oil

May 02-2022

Angelica essential oil can delay the appearance of signs of aging, promote the metabolism of the skin, and make the skin delicate and shiny. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call Angelica as th...
02 May
The Benefits of Herbal Extracts

Apr 21-2022

Ⅰ. What are herbal extracts?All volatile oils, oils, extracts, liquid extracts, dry extracts, active ingredients, and effective parts obtained from plants, animals, and minerals for preparation produ...
21 Apr
Common Botanical Extraction Methods

Apr 06-2022

At present, the commonly used botanical extraction methods include solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, and enzyme extraction. In contrast, supercritical fluid extraction a...
06 Apr
Benefits of Botanical CO2 Extracts

Mar 16-2022

Botanical CO2 extracts are natural extracts from plants with healing and aromatic properties. Whether you're creating your own unique beauty product or following our skincare recipes, adding our C...
16 Mar
The Benefits of Rosemary Extract

Mar 02-2022

The main components of rosemary extract are rosemaryol, carnosol and carnosic acid. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and safety, and it is now widely used in cosmetics, perfume, animal fe...
02 Mar
The Use of the Reishi Mushroom Extract

Feb 16-2022

Reishi is known as the "immortal mushroom" in China and has been used in oriental medicine for more than 2,000 years. It has been regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, wealth, beauty and l...
16 Feb
How to Get Botanical Extraction?

Feb 02-2022

Ⅰ. The botanical extract definitionThe botanical extracts use plants as raw materials. According to the needs of the use of the extracted final product, through the process of physical and chemical e...
02 Feb
The Ganoderma Spore Powder Benefits and Applicable People

Jan 19-2022

Ⅰ. The nutritional value of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder1. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharideGanoderma lucidum polysaccharide is one of the most effective components in Ganoderma lucidum spore powder...
19 Jan
The Difference among Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine Extract and Plant Extract

Jan 05-2022

This article involves three concepts. Let's briefly introduce Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine extracts, and plant extracts.What is Chinese medicine?Chinese medicine refers to substances with re...
05 Jan
Knowledge About Rosemary Extract Benefits

Dec 20-2021

Rosemary extract has excellent potential for development in food, cosmetics, medicine, and health products due to its potent antioxidant properties, good heat resistance, good stability, anti-ageing, ...
20 Dec
Benefits of The Chinese Herbal Extracts in Cosmetics

Dec 06-2021

The main functions of traditional Chinese medicine extracts in cosmetics include whitening and freckle removal, moisturizing, anti-ageing, sun protection, antibacterial etc. In traditional Chinese med...
06 Dec
What is Rosemary Extract Used for?

Nov 26-2021

Rosemary extract has great potential in the fields of food, cosmetics, medicine and health care products because of its strong antioxidant, heat resistance, stability, anti-aging and high efficiency and broad spectrum effect. So, what does rosemary extract do?
26 Nov