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The Benefits of Rosemary Extract

The main components of rosemary extract are rosemaryol, carnosol and carnosic acid. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and safety, and it is now widely used in cosmetics, perfume, animal feed, meat products, soap, air freshener, insect repellent, medicine, various animal and vegetable oils, seafood, flour, seasoning sauce, seasoning, baked goods, fried products, natural pigments, flavors, biological pesticides, tobacco and other food ingredients wholesale.

1. The source of rosemary extract powder

The United States, Japan and some European countries are the earliest countries to study rosemary antioxidants. They have successively developed a series of rosemary antioxidant products, which have been proved to be safe by toxicological experiments, and are widely used in oil, oil-rich food and meat product preservation.

At present, 30% of the antioxidants use natural antioxidants in the United States and Japan, mainly vitamin E and rosemary antioxidants. It is predicted that this proportion will continue to increase in the future, with an annual increase of more than 10%.

The natural polyphenol antioxidant derived from rosemary leaf extract has the characteristics of high antioxidant performance, good thermal stability, low production cost and natural non-toxicity, avoiding toxic and side effects on the human body.

Rosemary Co2 extracts are widely used in various beverages, oral liquids, aquatic products, natural pigments, cosmetics, health care products and cardiovascular drugs, as well as various edible oils and oil-rich foods. It is also been recognized as the best third-generation edible natural antioxidants.

Pursuing health and advocating natural food has become a trend in modern life, and people are more and more uneasy about the use of chemically synthesized antioxidants. In this way, the natural active substance-rosmarinic acid (Rosmarinic acid, RosA), has been recognized by the US FDA as a "public safety food" and has become a new favorite lant extract factory, and will gradually replace traditional synthetic antioxidants and become mainstream products.

Rosemary extract is a safe and efficient free radical scavenger, which can effectively prevent the oxidative rancidity of oil and prevent fading or discoloration caused by oxidation. The antioxidant effect is 2 to 4 times that of synthetic antioxidants BHA and BHT. Better than Vc, 1 to 2 times of tea polyphenols, 1 to 2 times of TBHQ.

Its structure is stable and not easy to decompose, and can withstand high temperature of 190-240℃. However, synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, PHT, PG and TBHQ all have irreparable defects, which bring unsafe factors to food, while natural rosemary antioxidants have many advantages that traditional synthetic antioxidants cannot match.

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2. The benefits of rosemary extract powder

(1) It can refresh the mind, enhance memory, and relieve headache caused by nervousness. People who need a lot of brain boosting may wish to drink more rosemary tea.

(2) Rosemary extract can eliminate flatulence caused by indigestion, and also has certain curative effects on colds and obesity.

(3)  Rosemary extract has a strong astringent effect, which can regulate greasy and unclean skin and play a cosmetic role. Herbal extract powder can promote blood circulation, stimulate hair regeneration and improve hair loss.

(4) The benefits of rosemary extract can improve language, vision, hearing impairments, strengthen liver function, lower blood sugar, and help treat arteriosclerosis.

(5) Rosemary extract also has the functions of strengthening the heart, promoting metabolism, and promoting blood circulation of peripheral blood vessels. It can be used to treat insomnia, palpitations, headaches, indigestion and other diseases, also topical to treat trauma and arthritis.

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