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5 Amazing Ways to Use Skin Care Essential Oils

Nowadays, skin care essential oils have become a popular choice for skin care and care. More and more girls are beginning to pay attention to the use and efficacy of skin care essential oils, and the varieties of skin care essential oils are becoming more and more diverse, making the girls dazzled.

However, how to use essential oils in skin care to best care for your skin? How to choose the one that is right for you among the many skin care essential oils? Many small questions about skin care essential oils will be answered in detail for you. Today, for the girls, we have sorted out the correct use of skin care essential oils and the magical skin care effects it exerts, so as to escort your delicate skin!

1. Massage the skin with essential oils

Take facial skin care essential oils for example, most girls use it directly and apply it on the face. However, this is not the most suitable way to use skin care essential oils.

In fact, the easiest and most convenient way to use bulk natural oils and natural essential oil for skin care is to massage them so that the skin can better absorb the nutrients in the essential oils. Girls can drop it on the skin after washing their face or after taking a bath, and massage it gently. It is not just a gentle tap, but a gentle massage, at least ten minutes. The nutrition in skin care essential oils ingredients can be absorbed by the skin.

2, skin care essential oil fumigation skin care

Another method of using essential oils for skin care is fumigation. This method allows the nutrients in essential oils to slowly penetrate deep into the skin, energizing the skin from the inside out. Girls can add a few drops of essential oils to the face steaming container, preferably rose essential oil and lavender essential oil. When you are ready, start enjoying this very comfortable facial fumigation spa! It will definitely be a natural and comfortable skin beauty experience.

3. Essential oil cleanser

Botanical oils for skin care can also be used in the process of facial cleansing. Add a few drops of skin care essential oils to the warm face wash, and then cleanse your face, it will give you a very comfortable and soft feeling. After washing, the skin will be more elastic. Girls can try.

4. Use of skin care essential oil spray

In dry winter, our skin cannot be without the care of moisturizing spray. We might as well add a few drops of skin care essential oil to the moisturizing spray. Of course, the moisturizing spray bought in the market contains too many chemicals. If it is integrated with skin care essential oils, I am afraid it will cause damage to the skin. It is recommended that girls make their own, very simple and convenient.

First, prepare a small spray bottle, fill it with pure water, and then add a few drops of skin care essential oil into the pure water. Girls can choose the type of essential oil according to their own preferences, then shake it well, and then use it as a spray, the effect is very good, it is very suitable for skin care in dry winter.

5. Skin care essential oil bath moisturizing the whole body skin

Essential oils are divided into facial essential oils and body essential oils, and for the whole body skin care essential oils, it can have a very good effect of moisturizing the skin of the whole body.

Girls can add a few drops of skin care essential oils to the bath water during the bath, or add a few drops of skin care essential oils to the water when taking a foot bath. It doesn't need too much, just a few drops can moisturize delicate skin.

All of the above methods can be used by girls, and they will get a very good moisturizing effect on the skin.

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