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What Are the Functions of Natural Plant Essential Oil?

What is pure natural essential oil made up of?

Essential oil is composed of small molecules that easily dissolve in alcohol/emulsifiers, especially fats, making them easily penetrate the skin and enter the body through the mixing with the fat fibers.

When these highly mobile substances evaporate, they are absorbed by thousands of cells at the same time, entering the body through the nasal respiratory system and sending messages directly to the brain. By means of the operation of the cerebellum system, they control emotions as well as other major functions of the body. Therefore, in aromatherapy, essential oil can strengthen physiological and psychological functions.

Each kind of plant essential oil from essential oil supplier has a chemical structure to determine its fragrance, color, flowability, and the way it operates with the system, making each kind of plant essential oil have a unique set of functional characteristics.

Pure natural plant essential oil has the following main functions:

  • The odor is fragrant and natural. After entering the brain through the olfactory nerve, it can stimulate the secretion of endorphins and enkephalins, two kinds of hormones, to make the spirit present the most comfortable state, which is the best remedy for guarding the soul. Different essential oils can be combined with each other to mix their favorite fragrance, which will not destroy the features of the essential oil, but make the functions of the essential oils more powerful.

  • Essential oil can prevent infectious diseases, resist bacteria, viruses, and fungi, prevent inflammation, spasms, promote metabolism and cellular regeneration function, making life better.

  • Some essential oil can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, and make the physiological and psychological activities of the human body develop well.

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