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The Difference among Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine Extract and Plant Extract

This article involves three concepts. Let's briefly introduce Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine extracts, and plant extracts. For more information, feel free to contact Guangdong Healthwise Health Food Co., ltd.

What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine refers to substances with rehabilitation and health care functions that are used to prevent, treat, and diagnose diseases under the guidance of the Chinese doctor. Traditional Chinese medicine must undergo specific processing before application, which is the complete processing method. Processing into decoction pieces can facilitate the medical preparations.

What is Chinese medicine extract?

Traditional Chinese medicine extract is a material with relatively clear medicinal effects obtained by extracting and separating Chinese medicinal materials or Chinese medicinal compounds using advanced technology. It is a traditional Chinese medicine product with strict quality standards. It is a new product category in the international natural medicine and health products market, and is the main raw material of botanical preparations. It can be widely used in natural health products.

What are herbal extracts?

Narrow sense: Plant extracts are substances extracted or processed from plants by using certain methods or means.

In a broad sense: Plant extracts refer to natural herbal extract powder extracted from various natural products by various methods.

Plant extracts are divided into several categories: content, ratio, corn starch, and specific extract products.

The contents: rosmarinic acid 80%, tea polyphenols 50%, resveratrol 50%.

The ratios: blueberry extract 5:1, barley seedling extract 10:1.

Corn starch: apple corn starch, cranberry corn starch.

Contrast of shape

The shape of Chinese medicine is slice, block, or strip, and a single piece of Chinese medicine can be picked up by hand.

As for types of plant extracts and Chinese medicine extracts, their state is generally powder or plant essential oil.


Traditional Chinese medicine adopts a concocted method to remove impurities in traditional Chinese medicine, correct the smell, and facilitate preparation and storage after drying.

The commonly used extraction methods of Chinese medicine extracts (such as decoction, reflux, dipping, percolation) retain the effective ingredients and remove the ineffective ingredients.

Plant extract factory uses various extraction methods (solvent extraction, water vapour distillation, sublimation) to extract effective ingredients from natural products.

Different application

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Drugs that guide clinical application, such as regulating the spleen and stomach, expectorating phlegm and relieving cough.

Traditional Chinese medicine extracts: Domestic applications are mainly concentrated in the field of health food, and abroad, most of them are used in the development and use of botanicals, and there is a trend to gradually expand the scope of use, such as the manufacture of dietary supplements, cosmetics, health care cigarettes, and feed additives.

Plant extract: It is mainly used in the terminal: feed, daily chemicals, health care products, food, beverages and other fields.

The homologous extracts to medicine and food are Chinese medicine extracts and plant extracts. it has accurately stipulated the active ingredients' name, content, detection method, dosage, and treatment scope belong to traditional Chinese medicine extracts. It strictly limits the use of heavy metals, pesticide residues, dissolved residues, and microorganisms. The plant family, genus, species, and place of origin are clarified, and only a few fractions of the ingredients belong to plant extracts. Inquiry plant extract wholesale!

Traditional Chinese medicine extracts are part of plant extracts, but people habitually use them for different purposes. But Chinese medicine, plant extracts and Chinese medicine extracts are not the same things. 

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