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The Efficacy and Role of Angelica Essential Oil

Angelica essential oil can delay the appearance of signs of aging, promote the metabolism of the skin, and make the skin delicate and shiny. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call Angelica as the "Holy Medicine of the Blood Family" and "Anti-aging and Beauty Treasure".

Angelica essential oil is a perennial herb with strong growth. It grows in the mountains. Its leaves are dark green and fragrant, and the flowers are small yellow-green star-shaped flowers, which are flattened in midsummer. The stem is 2m high, the tender stem is edible, and the rhizome can be used as medicine, which has the effects of sweating and antipyretic.

Angelica sinensis is an important menstrual-regulating and blood-tonifying plant essential oil in traditional Chinese medicine. Its curative effect on dysmenorrhea is particularly accurate. After taking the medicine, it can relieve abdominal pain before, during and after menstruation. As early as the early 1950s, Chinese scholars did a more detailed study on the effect of Angelica sinensis on the isolated uterine smooth muscle, and confirmed that Angelica sinensis contains two components that inhibit and excite uterine smooth muscle, with dual effects, and the main inhibitory component is The essential oil in it has a relaxing effect on the isolated uterine smooth muscle of various animals.

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1. The effect of Angelica essential oil on the strong immune system

Angelica root essential oil can strengthen the body and has a strong healing power. It can strengthen the lymphatic system, accelerate the purification effect through the function of perspiration, and help the body release toxins, thereby combating any sub-health problems.

2. Angelica essential oil has the effect of supplementing the spirit and physical strength

Angelica essential oil is the best tonic for the digestive system. It can replenish mental and physical strength for people in convalescence, anemia or weakness, stimulate appetite and prevent anorexia, especially suitable for digestive problems caused by stress, improve indigestion, flatulence, nausea, gastric ulcers and strangulation pain.

3. Angelica essential oil has the effect of preventing colds and dry coughs

Angelica essential oil can prevent colds, bronchitis, dry cough, pleurisy and other respiratory tract infections, relieve nervous asthma, shortness of breath and restore the function of smell.

4. Angelica essential oil has detoxification and diuretic effects

Angelica essential oil has important functions of detoxification and diuresis, and has antibacterial effects in the urinary tract, which is quite helpful for cystitis. Natural plant oils can promote lymphatic drainage and skin excretion of waste, can control uric acid, very beneficial to patients with rheumatism, arthritis, sciatic nerve and fluid retention and cellulitis. It is used for application and massage. Quick pain relief for headaches, toothaches or migraines. It is well-known for its effects on regular menstrual periods and alleviating menstrual pain.

Angelica essential oil is mostly used by people in daily health care and health care, especially for women, it is a particularly good substance for beauty and skin care, which can make women's skin better. Angelica is a traditional Chinese medicine that nourishes the human body.

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