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Contraindications to the Use of Essential Oils

Misunderstandings when using essential oils for skin care:

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1. Essential oils are just beauty care products

Many consumers think that essential oils are just a natural skin or body care product, and they think that essential oils can whiten, remove wrinkles, lose weight, and enhance breasts.

But in fact, the benefits of essential oils are far more than that! The help of essential oils to the skin is from the inside out, from the health of the mind to the health of the body, and then to the health and beauty of the skin, which is beyond the reach of any expensive skin care products.

2. Essential oils cannot be used during the physiological period

In fact, aromatic essential oils have a very significant effect on skin conditioning and mental soothing during the physiological period, because essential oils can not only heal the discomfort of the organs, but even more wonderfully, it can also take care of emotional problems. We are one of the top ginger root extract powder suppliers in China.

For example, plant essential oil such as cypress, geranium, and ginger are very good for the maintenance of the physiological period. For several common symptoms, the formula of essential oils is as follows:

① Dull complexion, irregular menstrual period: rose + cypress + geranium;

② Pale complexion and reduced menstrual flow: perilla + cypress + geranium;

③Dry skin and severe dysmenorrhea: lavender + ginger + rosemary.

3. Oral essential oils are more effective for beauty

Not only can you not take essential oils orally, but also use pure essential oils directly. Due to the high concentration, pure essential oils are absolutely not allowed to come into direct contact with the skin (except for tea tree and lavender essential oils), which must be diluted before use. Therefore, the essential oil used for massage or maintenance must be the compound essential oil after being diluted, and the compound essential oil can be used directly on the skin.

4. Essential oils can be added to face creams

If you add essential oils to your face cream on your own initiative, the result is that a good bottle of face cream deteriorates, the oil and water are separated, and the taste is wrong.

What is the reason? The problem lies in the cream, because the natural plant oils is purely natural and plant-based, if it encounters chemically synthesized substances or artificial flavors, it will react, causing the above phenomenon. Therefore, when formulating by yourself, you must choose cream products that are also natural ingredients.

5. The more frequency and amount of essential oils used, the better

People who love essential oils often make the beauty mistake of putting too much of it on themselves, which can actually backfire.

Essential oil is a pure natural substance. Due to its high concentration, even if it is diluted, it is not as dense as possible. Moderate use will make the essential oil play a good role, while too much will cause a burden on the kidneys and make your own Physical discomfort.

6. Essential oils contain hormones, and regular use will produce a sense of dependence

Essential oils are pure plant essences without any additives. Unlike drugs or hormones, they will not cause addiction or cause skin dependence. Because its effect is to stimulate the individual's own potential and potential, not to replace the function.

The components of essential oils usually include basic chemical elements such as alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, oxides, and phenols. Each chemical element reacts in a specific way and exerts its function, thereby determining the efficacy of essential oils.

7. The essential oils used for aromatherapy do not touch the skin, and cheap essential oils can be used

The aroma of essential oils is as important as the effect of essential oils on regulating emotions as they enter the body and act on organs. So don't mistakenly think that the essential oils used in indoor aromatherapy only need to be fragrant, and choose those cheap and inferior products.

Inexpensive essential oils are often chemically synthesized. The "scent" simulated by this chemical composition will stimulate the nervous system, causing dizziness, chest tightness, and even nausea and vomiting.

8. Essential oils can be DIY at home

In the actual use of essential oils, people are often troubled by their lack of knowledge about essential oils.

For example: use 5% rose essential oil that you buy directly on the skin to cause sensitivity; use lavender to improve sleep, but cause insomnia due to excessive use The application of essential oils is actually the category of aromatherapy, although the essential oils used for aromatherapy Basically, there is no absolute contraindication to the combination, but because the blending of essential oils is suitable and unsuitable, perfect and imperfect, girls who like DIY essential oils, it is best to study in a professional aromatherapy academic institution.

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