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Benefits of Botanical CO2 Extracts

Botanical CO2 extracts are natural extracts from plants with healing and aromatic properties. Whether you're creating your own unique beauty product or following our skincare recipes, adding our CO2 extract will provide a quick and effective way to make your product more appealing while increasing its benefits.

1. CO2 botanical extraction system

CO2 extraction is a technique of freezing and compressing carbon dioxide to its supercritical state, then passing the cold CO2 liquefied gas through the plant, extracting all essential oil-soluble and water-soluble elements from the plant material into a collection vessel. The method leaves no residue and produces a high-efficiency oil (CO2 oil) that can be used in a variety of ways.

With the help of special equipment, CO2 gas can be turned into a liquid by increasing the pressure and keeping the temperature below -56°C. From here, the pressure and temperature of the CO2 slowly increase. When you increase the temperature and pressure of liquid CO2, the fluid becomes supercritical, which means it can take on properties in between liquid and gas at the same time. It is this fluid/gas mixture that serves as the solvent to extract all plant compounds from our choice of plants.

After the botanical CO2 extraction process of carbon dioxide is completed, the pressure on CO2 will be reduced, and make the liquid CO2 molecules change back to gas and evaporate to the atmosphere or be recycled and reused, so that no residual CO2 is left in the extract, which only needs to be placed in the botanical extracts wholesale. This can be realized when it arrives at room temperature.

Extraction with CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) is the purest and gentlest method of botanical CO2 extracts,  which requires no heat or solvents. These botanical CO2 extracts are free of heavy metals, microorganisms, solvents and preservatives.

They are very concentrated because they are complete extracts, including plant essential oils as well as fat-soluble and water-soluble substances from plants. Botanical CO2 extracts are a very affordable way to add highly effective therapeutic benefits to your products.

These botanical CO2 extracts are used in creams, lotions, ointments, and vegetable oils in concentrations of 1%-2%. They dissolve easily into products below 40℃ or can be simply added to your vegetable oil without heating, it can also be used in water (not a pure water based product as it is oil soluble and therefore not will mix) and oil-based products.

When adding 2 or more botanical CO2 extracts to a product, do not add more than 3% in total as they are effective and synergistic and can be used in small amounts. All botanical CO2 extracts will leave a hint of color in the product.

Please note that the consistency of CO2 extracts varies and is affected by temperature. In winter, you may find that the extract will be solidified. If you want to remove it from the mason jar, you may need to place the mason jar in a bowl of hot water for a while. This should not interfere with the product.

2. The benefits of botanical CO2 extraction

(1) It uses carbon dioxide extraction to remove plant essence in the purest and gentlest way.

(2) It's very focused and effective.

(3) It contains fat-soluble and water-soluble ingredients and essential oils.

(4) The benefits of botanical CO2 extracts are mild, free of heavy metals, microorganisms, solvents and preservatives.

(5) It can be used in lotions, balms, creams and oily serums.

(6) It can be added to existing products such as oil-based or lotions such as creams, serums, shampoos and conditioners.

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