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Questions About Soybean Isoflavones That You Want to Learn About

Are there any side effects of soybean isoflavones?

The reason why people question soybean isoflavones is because of their structure similar to estrogen.

People generally have a negative impression of the word "hormone". And a study in the United States has shown that there are many downsides to hormone replacement therapy with drug estrogen. If drug estrogen is used alone for a long time, it may increase the risk of cardiovascular and breast diseases. This has caused concern and shock among women who take drug estrogen.

However, as a natural estrogen, soybean isoflavones have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system and the mammary gland, while the study mentioned only the drug estrogen.

It is important to treat hormones correctly, as hormones are not always harmful to the body. Hormones are present in the human body, estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Hormones play an important role in regulating growth and development, reproduction, gender differentiation, and sexual activity, and are indispensable substances in our lives. Therefore, don't be repelled by the word hormone.

Will eating soybean isoflavones make you fat?

Another important concern about soybean isoflavones is that they may cause weight gain.

However, soybean isoflavones that cause weight gain are those that are artificially added with hormone ingredients. Natural soybean isoflavones do not cause weight gain.

In fact, soybean isoflavones have a very high safety and efficacy, because they are natural plant hormones with the same structure as estrogen secreted by the human body, which does not burden the body itself.

As long as you choose a reputable brand and pure natural soy isoflavone products and take them scientifically and rationally, natural functional ingredients will only help your health.Contact Kaipin natural additives supplier for more functional additives.

Who is not suitable for taking soybean isoflavones?

In modern medicine, menopausal women are often advised to take soybean isoflavones as a common health supplement, but some people are not suitable for taking this nutrient.

Minors, pregnant and lactating women, women with gynecological tumors or a family history of such tumors, and those with estrogen-related problems are not suitable for taking soybean isoflavones.

In addition, gynecological experts suggest that women over 35 can take soybean isoflavones. They can take a small dose before the age of 40, a full dose between the ages of 41 and 50, and increase the dose under the guidance of a doctor after the age of 50.

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