How Do I Handle Customs?

Customs can be handled for you by the local clearing agent for some nominal fees which you have to fix up or else you can do the customs clearing yourself with ease by filling in the suitable forms and paying the necessary inspection charges.

For details, please inquire with your local customs office or local import broker.

Will the Goods Be Delivered to My Warehouse After Shipping?

In the case of sea shipping, we can only deliver the goods to your destination seaport or other transportation terminal place, not door to door,

It's you who should arrange the inland transit from terminal place to your warehouse.

In the case of small samples delivered by courier, the samples will be given to your hand.

Does the Product Itself Support Oem Customization?

Yes, we accept OEM order.

Why Choose Us?

Kaiping healthwise heal food co., ltd is a real manufacturer,the production processes are open and transparent. Our raw materials are safe and high quality.OEM-free, independent research & development and factory cultivation. Our integration of cultivation, research, production, sales and service, without intermediate links.The products are reliable and guaranteed if they match the above criteria.

What is a Botanical Extract?

A botanical extract is directly derived from plants. This is only slightly different from the use of botanical ingredients. Botanical extracts are created soaking the botanical in a solvent that’s able to retrieve certain chemicals or beneficial parts of the plant to be used in a product. Kaiping healthwise’s products are extracted by SFE-co2, the extract method ensure the products pure and green.

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